DeepSouthCon 60 Policies


DeepSouthCon 60 strives to promote a safe and worry-free environment for all participants. We do not condone harassment or discrimination based on gender (to include gender identity), sexual orientation, race, religion, disabilities, or another protected status. If you have been harassed, or witness harassment at DeepSouthCon 60, we ask you to report it to the convention staff immediately. Safety team contact information will be posted at or near Convention Registration.

DeepSouthCon 60 will take whatever action deemed necessary, including but not limited to, verbal and written warnings, removal from convention activities, banishment from DeepSouthCon 60, or reporting to local law enforcement. DeepSouthCon 60 will address issues of harassment or discrimination with attendees, guests, vendors, or any other party associated with DeepSouthCon 60. The confidentiality of reporters will be maintained, except where required by law.

DeepSouthCon 60 staff are available for assistance and can be identified by a distinctive badge color or badge ribbons at the convention. Key staff members will be listed by name on the convention website and in the program. General concerns can be sent to dsc60@con-stellation.org. We thank everyone in advance for ensuring that DeepSouthCon 60 remains a fun and welcoming place for all fans.

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

Like the science fiction and fantasy works that inspire our members each year, DeepSouthCon 60 is a proud champion of diversity and equality. DeepSouthCon 60 is, first and foremost, a family. Like most families, we have our differences. And we believe those differences are what make us stronger. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive experience and community to all of our members. That includes fostering diversity in our programming and vendor hall, as well as creating a safe space for attendees online and in person.

We do not tolerate racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory behavior. DeepSouthCon 60 stands in solidarity with people of all nationalities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We denounce bigotry of all kinds.

The science fiction and fantasy genres are home to an ever-expanding collection of books, games, movies, lore, and fandoms, where the only limit is our imaginations. Diversity is our heritage and our future. Please direct questions to dsc60@con-stellation.org.


Pursuant to Alabama Code § 13A-11-52, carrying pistols on private property without permission of the owner/controller of the property is prohibited (with some exceptions). DeepSouthCon 60’s current understanding is that this prohibition is applicable to the convention venue (the Embassy Suites by Hilton Huntsville). Firearms are further subject to any rules or regulations imposed by the convention venue, the city of Huntsville, and the state of Alabama.

DeepSouthCon 60 requires that all bladed weapons must be peace-bound in convention spaces used by DeepSouthCon 60.  Projectile weapons in convention spaces must be non-functioning. This includes water guns, silly-string, ping-pong pistols, nerf guns, or anything else even vaguely along those lines.


DeepSouthCon 60 recognizes the seriousness of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic including ongoing endemic phases. We intend to follow all regulations from local, state, and national public health authorities. We encourage all attendees to follow best practices—including masking, social distancing, hand hygiene, and others as appropriate and as possible.

DeepSouthCon 60 strongly encourages you to:

  • Take advantage of free or low-cost COVID-19 testing before and after attending any convention or other large function.
  • Not attend such functions if you know or have reason to suspect you have an active COVID-19 infection.
  • Have the state of Alabama COVID-19 contact tracing app active on your smartphone or other such device. See https://www.guidesafe.org/exposure-notification-app/ for more information.
  • Report to DeepSouthCon 60 a confirmed COVID-19 infection that occurs during or shortly after the convention. DeepSouthCon 60 will treat all such reports in confidence except as required by law or with the permission of the affected parties. At this writing, DeepSouthCon 60 is still researching best practices for post-con reporting to alert attendees of potential exposure.

Membership Transfers and Refunds

  • DeepSouthCon 60 membership refunds will not generally be available. The committee will give case by case consideration for hardship or extraordinary circumstances.
  • DeepSouthCon 60 membership transfers to other persons will be allowed. Only paid membership can be transferred. Adult memberships may be transferred to someone who qualifies for a youth membership, but no refund for the difference will be made.
  • Transfers received before the convention will be processed up until 2 weeks before the convention begins. Please contact DeepSouthCon 60 at <registration@dsc60.con-stellation.org>. Transfers after that date may be processed at the door.
  • When transferring a membership or memberships, please include the name(s) being transferred from and the name(s) being transferred to. If Youth membership(s) are being transferred, please explicitly state that the person(s) receiving the membership(s) fit the age requirement (4–12).
  • If DeepSouthCon 60 is canceled due to action by health authorities or other circumstances beyond our control, the convention will still have significant expenses to meet (e.g., hotel contract, non-refundable purchases already made, etc.). However, we will refund memberships (etc.), on a prorated basis after such expenses.